Thursday, January 29, 2015

cutting teeth.

Must be what's going on with Jimmy.  The kid is one hot mess. Our past few mornings have looked like this:
Until he naps. 
Then Ray and I tiptoe around the apartment and whisper over Dr. Seuss and I grab a shower. 
Only he woke up early from his nap yesterday and all I wanted to do was curl into a ball and
spent way too time uploading this
it was so worth it

How do I cope do you ask? I walk. We walked to Publix the other day. It's a nice easy mile around the lake at our complex. We have to stick to the paved path or risk landing in dog poop.
pretty, huh?
Out of desperation yesterday I took the 2.5 mi route to the park. By the time I got there Ray was passed out and Jimmy, who hadn't slept a wink, was ready to run and roam in the grass. 
 no dog poop in sight. roam free little one
you think you're sooo cute, don't you?
that's more like it
And then I noticed Jimmy chewing on something (a piece of glass) and a used band-aid lying on the ground next to me (his next chew toy if he found it).  I texted Greg, "Jimmy ate glass at the park. Didn't swallow it." His reply, "Awesome. We can call him metal mouth".   Jimmy, you take cutting teeth to a whole new level.

PS. If the following image sparks a response from you like, "Awwwww... he just needs his aunt/uncle/cousin/grandparent to come hold him."
The answer is YES!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

you lived.

That's what Greg told me last night.

We live in an apartment.  The closest park is two or three miles away. Not bad, right? Add the ten minutes it takes to load the kids up in the car, plus the thirty minutes it takes to get them dressed with hot cocoa sippy cups in hand, and the additional hour or so it takes for me to get ready (with kiddie interruptions).... getting there is never as easy as it should be. And the play equipment there is more like adult size, but that's besides the point.

Outdoor time is a scarcity around here. I know, I know, I've had nice beachy pics up.  That's because Greg was here and we all know that four hands are waaaay better than two. I wanted to get outside and it turns out there's a shortcut to the park through a swampy, gigantic, 43 acre undeveloped park. Here, I drew a map just for you:
Don't judge.

Over the river and through the woods to the park we go.  I packed snacks and hot cocoa and blankets and a toy zebra and all the rest of my crap and we headed out. We crossed the street which is where the "entrance" should be. I scanned the wall of pine trees until I found an opening. 
Here's how our trip went: 
  • 10' - into it I'm thinking, "Next time I'll have to bring my gardening gloves." 
  • 20' - more in and I'm thinking, "Maybe I'll bring my pruning shears too."  
  • 10' - "Or the axe. I wonder if it's legal to carry an axe to a city park?" 
  • 5' - Ray asks, "Mommy, are we stuck?" "No hunny, Mommy just needs to move some trees out of the way."
And I discovered that my old rainboots are no longer waterproof... especially the left one.
I went on dragging the stroller and felling small trees wondering if this is sort of like Crossfit?  And how much further? Then we came to some sort of clearing/dirt road prettiness.   
didn't have to push through this
because we came from that path on the right
here's our adventure time souvenir
We got to the point where we could not go any further, and then Greg called saying he was almost home. So, we trudged back (which went much faster) and met him at the entrance. 

Later that night, I told him I felt a little embarrassed about the whole thing. We never made it to the park. Ray didn't even get out of the stroller. I just wanted to go out there because I'd never done it before. 

He said, "You lived."  

He's right. It was fun and ridiculous and a lot of hard work, but we got away from the apartment and lived.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

free time.

I didn't know it existed... until today.
Greg drove off with both boys, sleepy-eyed and a tad cranky, to the beach.  The plan is for them to sleep on the way in the car and then wear him out with lots of chasing and running around before they all come back home.  You think I am joking? I kid you not. Greg has a big test.  He will be sitting for hours and hours. This is his time to tear it up on the sand so much that he'll want to keep his butt glued to a seat for two days. Work him hard, boys!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I am a cooking machine.  My thoughtful mother-in-law gave me The Nourished Kitchen cookbook for Christmas.  I love it. It's beautiful.
It is full of amazing pictures that foodies would love and I will never be able to duplicate. In fact, I'm sure the following photos may turn you off to the recipes:
Please don't judge the food by its cover... I mean my pics.  I made these awesome beefy cheesy stuffed red peppers last week, another Nourished Kitchen recipe. They pretty much tasted like a cheeseburger on a red pepper bun. Doesn't that sound delicious?
C'mon, what more could you want???
I'm not a recipe follower. Greg is, but he wasn't around when I was cooking.  Both meals above differ from the originals. Whatev... all's well that ends yummy!

Speaking of things going according to plan (wh??), Greg just sent me this:
Guys, you're slacking off. You're supposed to be working Daddy hard!
I'll have to save my recipe deviations for another day. Right now I need to find some way to spend more of my free time before those kiddos come back all hyped up.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

beach knitting and babies.

This week we went to the beach. Greg has a few glorious days off before he takes his Step 3 exam next week. We hung out on Neptune for a day. Jimmy decided to practice walking all-day-long... meaning Greg spent most of the day hunched over a wobbly Jimmy who refused to let go of his hands.

Where was I?
Laying out, taking pictures of them.
Where was Ray?
In the stroller, munching on a cookie and shielding himself from the chilly breeze.

Greg and I played some overdue frisbee. Wide open beach + steady wind = spectacular frisbee.

The beach was empty apart from a few walkers and a fisherman and his wife. The waves spit out dozens of jellyfish throughout the day.  I peeled Ray from his seat and dragged him to check out the jellies. The kids and I touched a bunch of their clear, stiff, slimy tips. I showed them where the tentacles were (between you and me, I *think* they were the harmless kind). I felt sorry for them laying helpless in the sand. I wanted to pick them up and chuck them out into the ocean... played it safe instead.

Ray out of the stroller is a different child than Ray in the stroller. He ran everywhere. There was a small tide pool close by and in spite of the cold wind, his fleece jacket, and basketball pants, he waded right in and stayed there throwing gloopy drip sand on the bank and scouting the pool for treasure.

Greg took Jimmy for a stroller beach run while Ray glued himself to the tide pool and I took out my knitting. I'm knitting a chunky gray "Old Shale" pattern blanket. The pattern gathers and loosens in a way that comes out to resemble clam shells. Fitting pattern for the beach, huh?

Later he wrapped Ray up and took both of them for another run which freed me up for Kindle reading.  I made a strict policy for myself when we moved to Florida: no cellphone/electrickery when the kids are around water. No exceptions. I've been working through Collected works of St. Teresa of Avila. I am loving it and highly recommend it.

Time to bow out. Jimmy is chewing apart my computer chair.