Wednesday, May 6, 2015

we're moving.

We move out of our cozy apartment at the end of this month - as in 25 days from now, my birthday, and our anniversary.
I'm going to miss the pool.
Freaking out? Maybe... a little bit. Does it show?
We move into our so-maybe-I-shed-a-tear-when-I-saw-it home on July 15th.
The kids and I will be on the road for a few weeks visiting family and friends. And with the remaining waiting time, we hope to get a vacation rental on the beach.
Lately, the first things Ray says in the morning are, "Mommy, is it daytime yet?" And then, "Time for hugs kisses and I love yous." So then I get my morning hug and kiss and "I'm very love you."

Speaking of kisses...
Jimmy can kiss now. He opens his mouth and aims straight for my nose. Thankfully he hasn't bitten it off yet.
he's smiling because he just pooped on the floor

The other day I grabbed both of them in a bear hug. I think it was the first time in a while I'd had them both in my arms.  I started reminiscing with Ray, "Remember when Jimmy was born and he was so tiny..."
"...and we were in the hospital together and I was holding you and Jimmy in bed?"
"Yes. And Jimmy was a baby Jesus."

I try to get the boys outside after packing stuff in the mornings. It rained a lot last week though.  I seized a sunny moment to take them to the tennis courts. I felt all proud of myself for getting them dressed and out the door.
We get there.  I let Jimmy down to run.  Two seconds later he's sitting in a huge puddle... drinking the water. 
Jimmy's new favorite chewy, the crank on the tennis net

Bug story #1.
Ray: "Look, I found a baby ant and it's so cute...It's so cute and I love it." Then, picking it up with towel (squishing it on accident), "Mommy, that little ant needs air, I'll take care of it."
Me: "Is it dead?" Please let it be dead.
Ray: "No he's happy." (blowing on it)
I go lay down to nurse Jimmy. Ray follows me in the bedroom holding the towel. I'm laying at a weird angle where I can't see Ray without turning into an owl to twist my head around. 
Me: "Is he still there?"
Ray: "Yes, he needs air. Look, Mommy, I blow on him..." 
Me: "Show me." From the corner of my eye, I can make out a wiggling ant.
Ray: "That baby ant is sleeping. I want to kiss him."
Me: "He's going to bite you." Then I sense Ray scooting dangerously close to the bed....
"Don't get him on the bed."
I look up, the towel is hanging loosely from his hands.
"Where is he?"
Ray: "Ummm... I don't know. That baby ant is just sleeping somewhere on the bed........
oh look, I found him."
And that was the end of baby ant.

We have three little baby geese! I took this to share with you all.
And the next day my mom sends me this text: "We have baby geese!!"
show off.

Here is a packing tip to my future self.... and anyone else who wants it.
Use styrofoam plates and bowls as padding in between dishes. And pack them standing on their sides.  Then mummify them in bubble wrap.
It was all I could do not to throw them to test out the durability of this packing technique. I'm sure it could take it. I'll just leave it at that.
styrofoam shown on top of packed dishes

Bug story #2.
Yesterday I saw this guy crawling across the play area.
Being the genius that I am, I secured the kids in front of a movie (HA!) and grabbed a glass jar to catch him.
I couldn't find him. I was looking under the play table when Jimmy came pressing up against me. 
I tried to distract him with the jar.  He toddled off, safe from potentially venomous fangs.I went back to looking.
I see Jimmy standing in a garden of shattered glass. I strapped Jimmy in a bouncy chair and threatened Ray with taking all of his Legos away if he left the couch, while I cleaned up the glass and vacuumed everywhere for the missing spider.
Once that was done, Ray and I were looking for tiny stray pieces of glass. 
And Ray says, "Look Mommy! Mr. Scary-Spider is back." 
I have a strict spider friendly house.  But this guy was an exception.
Look, Greg, UGA colors!

 Now I'm off to enjoy Nutella and ice cream and Brooklyn Nine-Nine with Greg. 

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