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news year *jan 2016*

*I wrote this one year ago and never posted it. I am going to have to post a recap of 2016, but for now here's last year's new year's post.* This will mostly be a picture post. I'll try to stick with the "exciting" stuff. Although, you should know by now that exciting for me may put you to sleep. These are mostly in chronological starting from the last time I posted. Scroll to the very bottom for the biggest news.   There's lots of pictures of Jimmy crying...  he's so proud of his little vase and rose   sick day. Ray napped on that swing forever   not pictured: he stands up and pees on the floor *next* to the potty   what could possibly go wrong? he loves pushing stuff... like strollers brooms   trikes (he's crying because I'm blocking him from the street) we bought a dryer here...  dryer delivered... oh happy day block man giant bamboo swords trapped Halloween