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don't i know

Jimmy turned four last Friday. Here are a few Jimmyisms to brighten your day.
"Don't I know?"
     translation: I don't know
     translation: They are sticky bandaids that stick. 
     translation: scooter
     translation: diarrhea

Major interests are legos, laser tag guns, and snow monsters. We had his birthday at LegoLand.
The other day I heard him ask Ray (who has syndactyly) "RayRay, why are your toes so sticky? Can I take the sticky part off?" Jimmy is intent on kissing us goodnight, and if it's a small peck it doesn't count. He'll cry and say, "You didn't kiss me!"

He potty trained a month before his birthday. I was getting pretty nervous. I mean his legs are so long and I was thinking every time I wiped him that his legs were going to be hairy man legs before he potty trained. One night he slammed himself against my tummy. The next morning he gave me hug, kissed…