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don't i know

Jimmy turned four last Friday. Here are a few Jimmyisms to brighten your day. "Don't I know?"      translation: I don't know "Sticky-Ban-Jans"      translation: They are sticky bandaids that stick.  "Skooska"      translation: scooter "Diarrhea"      translation: diarrhea Major interests are legos, laser tag guns, and snow monsters. We had his birthday at LegoLand.   The other day I heard him ask Ray (who has syndactyly ) "RayRay, why are your toes so sticky? Can I take the sticky part off?" Jimmy is intent on kissing us goodnight, and if it's a small peck it doesn't count. He'll cry and say, "You didn't kiss me!" He potty trained a month before his birthday. I was getting pretty nervous. I mean his legs are so long and I was thinking every time I wiped him that his legs were going to be hairy man legs before he potty trained. One night he slammed himself against my tummy. T