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coming along.

Moving is coming along nicely.  I have moved a ton of the toys into storage. I just cannot keep up with cleaning and moving. Maybe it's because every time I feed someone, this happens... Jimmy's fault. **EDIT**Before you say something like, "that's why you shouldn't feed them on the couch in the first place"... I would like you to know that A  yes, I know, thanks Mom, now I know why you still make us eat in the kitchen;  B the table/highchair probably looked worse than this at the time; and/or C Jimmy was asleep when Ray started eating, but obviously not for long.**  What does moving things into storage look like with kids in tow? waiting for the elevator = Jimmy's escape attempts best job in the world! Ray had a fever for a few days this week. His only complaint was that his head hurt.  Greg said I should bring him by the clinic.  Turns he has an outer ear infection.   I like to keep the air conditioning off in the house and the ca

mother's day.

Greg spent a lot of time with the boys over the past few days. I'm stepping back so he can recount a few conversations he had with Ray.  Photo captions are all mine (Toni's). third time's a charm. Ray was jabbering in the car when we drove to buy Mother's Day gifts. Ray: "...and Mommy said, 'Go to time out.' And Mommy was very mad." Greg: "Mommy was mad?  Why was Mommy mad?" Ray: "And Mommy was mad. And mommy said, "Go to time out!" (immitating Toni yelling.) Greg: "Why was Mommy mad?" Ray: "And Mommy was very mad." Greg: "Who was Mommy mad at?" Ray: "Mommy said go to time out!" (continuing to avoid questions) Greg: "Ray, did you do something bad?" Ray: "Umm, yes." Ray's selfie I never could get him to tell me what he'd done, but he did have a great observation to share with me. Ray: "And time out is very boring." Greg: "

my findings.

Can I please tell you about my day? I turned on Tangled for the boys so I could pack.  I had a large box of kitchen stuff, including most of our cups, laying on the floor of the closet waiting to be sorted and packed.  There I found a sippy cup... with milk still in it. Thank you, Jimmy. At least he tried to put it away, right? Here's the kicker. We had a green rug that I rolled up and stored in that closet. Greg liked it and wanted to keep it, but every time I went in there I thought, "This rug smells terrible!!" So, yesterday I threw it out. Come to find out, it wasn't the rug. The boys were pretty good while I was packing.  Ray came in once telling me he couldn't find his Birthday Thomas train, the one that sings the theme song. Me: "Did you look in the train box?" Ray: "Yes, I looked everywhere!" Me: "You dug around in there?" Ray: "Yes. I cannot find it everywhere!" I walked to the living room to find the

we're moving.

We move out of our cozy apartment at the end of this month - as in 25 days from now, my birthday, and our anniversary. I'm going to miss the pool. Freaking out? Maybe... a little bit. Does it show? We move into our  so-maybe-I-shed-a-tear-when-I-saw-it home on July 15th. The kids and I will be on the road for a few weeks visiting family and friends. And with the remaining waiting time, we hope to get a vacation rental on the beach. Lately, the first things Ray says in the morning are, "Mommy, is it daytime yet?" And then, "Time for hugs kisses and I love yous." So then I get my morning hug and kiss and "I'm very love you." Speaking of kisses... Jimmy can kiss now. He opens his mouth and aims straight for my nose. Thankfully he hasn't bitten it off yet. he's smiling because he just pooped on the floor The other day I grabbed both of them in a bear hug. I think it was the first time in a while I'd had them both