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smiley rainbow.

Ray's birthday is 8/19. You wanna know how I remember? 8+1=9 8/19 For the past week I've been telling myself his birthday is on Thursday.  I even told two other people. Only, it's not on Thursday. It's tomorrow. Maybe I got confused because by yesterday I thought it was already Tuesday. As a friend of mine said, "It's Monday and it's already the longest week of my life!!" Please, someone out there, reassure me that the extent of one's children's cries does not necessarily indicate poor mothering. And that after the third time one's son deliberately "waters" the floor with his milk, juice, or water then it's okay to cry over spilled milk or juice or water.  And that when your son insists on messing with the gas stove controls a little corporal punishment is worth it, even if he cries even more than he was already doing (except of course when he was playing with the oven controls). And that when your kid has a fever a

the enemy.

Greg is on night float this week. He worked all last night. He's upstairs sleeping. And I just saw a rat on our front porch. I passed the front door on my way to open a window for some airflow, the corner of my eye had caught sight of a large blob and in less than a second my brain registered, "something is not normal. grey blob, could be a huge toad, I should call Ray to see it... but they're darker gray than that... maybe it's dead... or maybe it's just a gray leaf" at which point I walked backwards to peak out the front door windows. And I still was not sure what I was seeing because it didn't look like this... or this... The creature I saw sniffing looking around my front porch step at first looked more like this... only not so fluffy. I thought it was a mouse.   I ran to get our in house pest controller, Georgia, who was napping on the BACK porch (wrong place wrong time, girl). The highlight of her day yesterday was killing a

muddy toes.

Long time, no see!  How is your summer going? Loads of excitement over here. We've moved out, moved about, and finally moved in. This morning I was changing Jimmy's lovely diaper. He was on the bed (which is on the floor) while I was sitting on my knees on the floor.  I was wiping him off when the diaper started moving closer to the edge of the bed.  My hands were occupied with poopy wipes and barring Jimmy's hands from grabbing 'down there' because that's what he does no matter how messy it is down there.... anyway, my hands were full. The diaper rolled off the bed. And landed in my lap. Face down. Did I mention it was a poopy? I hope your day is going well. I really hope you don't have another person's poop  on your pants.   But if you do... commiserative fist bump! Now, here's a way too long summary of our summer. MAY 31: MOVING OUT Greg was working super hard, right up until the day we moved out... which also happ