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cutting teeth.

Must be what's going on with Jimmy.  The kid is one hot mess. Our past few mornings have looked like this:
Until he naps. 
Then Ray and I tiptoe around the apartment and whisper over Dr. Seuss and I grab a shower. 
Only he woke up early from his nap yesterday and all I wanted to do was curl into a ball and
spent way too time uploading this
it was so worth it

How do I cope do you ask? I walk. We walked to Publix the other day. It's a nice easy mile around the lake at our complex. We have to stick to the paved path or risk landing in dog poop.
pretty, huh?
Out of desperation yesterday I took the 2.5 mi route to the park. By the time I got there Ray was passed out and Jimmy, who hadn't slept a wink, was ready to run and roam in the grass. 
 no dog poop in sight. roam free little one
you think you're sooo cute, don't you?
that's more like it
And then I noticed Jimmy chewing on something (a piece of glass) and a used band-aid lying on the ground next to me (his next chew toy if he found it).  I texted Greg, "Jimmy ate glass at the park. Didn't swallow it." His reply, "Awesome. We can call him metal mouth".   Jimmy, you take cutting teeth to a whole new level.

PS. If the following image sparks a response from you like, "Awwwww... he just needs his aunt/uncle/cousin/grandparent to come hold him."
The answer is YES!!!!


  1. OMG, the glass!!! Don't do that, little one! Leave the glass and band-aids alone!

    When Aaron was born, I had made the apartment "safe" in every possible way I could imagine, even getting on the ground and crawling about on kid level to see what might catch a child's eye that was possibly dangerous. In this spirit, I banned ornaments on the xmas tree that were glass and used thread rather than fish hooks to hang what ornamentation there were, mostly dozens of very safe paper snowflakes I cut out.

    We were putting up the lights on our "safe" tree. I turned my back on Aaron for a second then looked down and he was holding a line of Christmas lights and appeared to be chewing something. And one of the covers of the small lights was missing. There was no sign of it in his mouth. There were no cuts. No bleeding. We called the hospital (I was all panic inside) and the nurse asked if he was bleeding or crying (no) and said it was fine, that this happened all the time, she doubted he'd eaten it but if he had then the light would pass through just fine.

    And that's my one glass story with Aaron.

    1. Yikes! Of course Aaron would find the one single potentially dangerous object in the room. Ray, never put anything in his mouth. I never understood why mom would take all of his tiny chokeable "treasures" away from him. Jimmy will eat anything. I have found crayons and pieces of a yoga block in his diaper, and he was chewing off the fake leather on my computer chair right now... and yes, even a band-aid


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