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catching up 8.16-12.16


Aunt Anna came to visit! 

Ray draws a preying mantis
Ray's birthday trip and breastfeeding next to dead animals


We visited family in Atlanta. I finished John and Kate's blanket.
Warning: the first images are reality with an infant and tired momma.


Hurricane headed for us, we are off of an outlet of the St. John's River, so our house was considered a red zone for flooding and Grandpa Hamilton drove down to rescue the kids and me. We stayed in Albany with Uncle Kevin and ended up back in Atlanta. Our house lost power for a few days. Thankfully nothing worse happened.
my brother is hilarious

even Ray was sleep tired

home for 5 seconds before the hurricane came
on the road again!
at Uncle Kevin's in Albany
hurricane aftermath

PopPop soothing Jimmy

Bitsey and Teresa stole my phone
view from family vacation 2016
he was a robot
Halloween 2016


visiting St. Mary's for possible employment after residency


Christmas and hotels.
Christmas train ride at St. Vincent's
and this is the last time my kids ever saw Santa
thank you, Ray for that picture under the bathroom door

Santa asks: What are you most grateful for this year?
I said: A new baby.
Santa says: Didn't you say that last year?
I love camels!!
I love this man so so much


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