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catching up 1.16-7.16

Another picture heavy post. It may or may not mean something to you dear reader. It was a hard year but a fulfilling one. We spent time with our friends and family, and gained a new addition to our tribe. I love seeing the boys playing, playing outside, playing inside, playing alone, and with friends.

January-July: I grew and grew. I took progesterone my whole pregnancy. I puked almost every morning until I had Toby, then sat around and whined about how I couldn't do anything because I was so tired. Really I am so grateful I had a doctor who recognized my low progesterone and put me on it.


front porch playing
watering the lawn


so many happy days with wonderful friends!
makeshift balance beams
Uncle Kevin came to visit for Jimmy's birthday
lest we forget Jimmy's "normal"
never again will I attempt to give my cat a bath


every knight needs a paci

enjoying the water table
and the sandbox
baby boy #3

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pulled our car rug out from storage
and the pool
can barely see my legs
love the beach trips


Greg got me a Fitbit for my birthday and the first day I used it I walked 10,000 steps. I contracted the whole next day and Greg almost took me to the hospital. After that Greg limited me to 3,000 steps a day.
Thank you, Ray for this picture

brought a fish home from the beach!
squirrel on Jesus
tiramisu birthday/anniversary cake (31/6yrs)



Craig and Leslie moved. Veronica came for the month. John Paul came two weeks after Veronica. Toby came just after John Paul came... on the day I'd predicted from the very beginning of my pregnancy. Toby was a full moon baby, and I was 38 weeks. Jimmy and Ray were both 38+2. I always thought he'd come on a full moon.

Toby was born about two seconds after JP arrived
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Toby was pretty jaundice after he was born. I had to bring him to the office many many times to check his weight and his bili levels. I was not at my best hormonally or mentally. My mom jumped in the car with my siblings and drove 6 hours to come stay with me for a week. Thanks, mom!
some superheroes don't wear capes
Trying to get rid of the yellow