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drama queen.

Do you ever have those days where you are just plain crabby all day long?  You feel sorry for anyone that even looks at you because you're pretty sure they will get the death stare? Or maybe feel like crying for no reason at all, which makes you even crabbier because you're about to tear up in front of a total stranger?

I was a total drama queen on Sunday. 
If you want to know the horrible truthful details, read on.  Otherwise spare yourselves and leave this page. Now.

I couldn't think straight all morning. I was so exhausted. I had a deep dark sneaking suspicion that my dear husband, who woke up with the kids at 7:00am in spite of falling asleep at only 5:00am and who made breakfast for the family, put two scoops of coffee in the french press instead of three.  That thought bothered me and no matter how much coffee I drank, I couldn't wake up and I was so upset I was literally on the verge of tears all day. 

Sunday, the rest of you were probably tramping in the snow.  I sat in the sand and the sun moping about where I had to sit on the beach (the sand was too wet and the dryer sand was too far away from Greg and the kids.... I know I know.... drama mama).  Multiple accusations flew back and forth about somebody not taking of their grumpypants. And grumpypants are never ever allowed on beach trips. You try verbally admitting you have on grumpypants and see if you don't have to restrain a giggle to keep them on.

I thought I was in a better place on the drive home.  Then, Greg asks, "You wanna stop and get some Bold Bean coffee?" My heart skips a beat, "Yes. That sounds so wonderful."  And of course I couldn't stop there.  I had to know... "Speaking of coffee, um, how many scoops did you use this morning." Greg says, "Two. Why? How many do you normally put in?" 
Sniffle. Sniffle.
"ThuhReeeHeee!!!" I sobbed.
Then he says my coffee isn't better, but it is definitely comparable to Bold Bean's (my favorite coffee place) and that I can even get more than one coffee if I want... AND that he's going to use three scoops from now on.  And sings "Everything is awesome!"

He's wonderful.

Monday rolls around and he comes out of the bathroom and says, "What do you think?" And I see his beard is shaved and his hair is buzzed and I say, "Looks good."
Then he turns around and I see the back and I start laughing."It looks like Wolverine cut your hair!" I can't stop laughing at the gigantic stripes in the back of his head.
He says he's not a perfectionist like me.
I tell him I should let him go ahead and go to work like that.  He says, "The buzzer did seem to be gouging more than normal." I grab an extra mirror and show him the divots all lined up in the back.  He starts laughing and says, "Oh wow! I didn't know it was that bad.  I thought you were just being a drama queen!"
Not that time!
Yes, I fixed it. 

Jimmy just made me spill my wine and jasmine green tea all over my keyboard
And me. And the floor.
Ray's picking up his toys now.
Tue, 7:29 PM
I've killed at least 10 roaches since you left btw.
Tue, 7:48 PM
I hope you have a good night.
Tue, 8:04 PM
Hope it gets better babe
Tue, 8:06 PM
Ray's picking up a billion toys
I love you.
I'm so tempted to take the kids to publix to get wine and ice cream
Tue, 8:09 PM
I love you. Go for it. Get some frozen yogurt
Tue, 8:10 PM
I'm so upset about the bugs. I feel like you don't care or get it.
I don't have to kill 10 bugs everytime I cook:. I'm going to start putting them in your food.
Every one I kill while I'm trying to cook for my family I will line up their carcasses and show you
Tue, 8:12 PM
I care babe.
You can call the complex people
Tue, 8:13 PM
No. I want you to call because you care so much.
Tue, 8:14 PM
Ok I can call tomorrow
Tue, 8:14 PM
Really? ?
Tue, 8:22 PM
Tue, 8:23 PM
I bought bacon wine and moose tracks frozen yogurt
Tue, 8:47 PM
Tue, 8:48 PM
And he called and it's all better... of course... because it's always ok.  
This drama queen is glad she isn't one at the moment.... I am thinking maybe I should give it up for Lent?

PS- Sorry there's no pics today.  I was too busy pouting to take any.

PPS- Just snapped this :)


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